keep In The Beat CPR

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Yes you can!

Yes, if you are taking any AHA courses. Our AHA courses already have the book included in the cost of class

Yes, BLS is the foundation for ACLS/PALS and you must have a non- expired BLS certifcation before attending any one of these two courses.


Keepin’ The Beat CPR can supply you with everything you’ll need for a fully-equipped AED unit. This includes the cabinet, emergency response kit, replacement batteries and chest pads, and medical oversight. We’ll even notify you when items are set to expire and then provide replacements.

Yes! And we will even come to you!

Yes, our CPR, AED, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens classes meet or exceed OSHA training standards to ensure your workplace is compliant and employees are ready in case of an emergency. 

We try our very best to provide your certifcation, after class!

The course information is listed in the details on each course page. Please take time to read all course information before signing up for a class

Yes, to find out more you can visit MyPhoenixInstitute.org/ems-coned

Students would be required to complete the AHA Heartcode section during their time away from class. After completion of this, student would come to our facility and do the “hands on testing”

At the end of the class upon successful completion of the course